Rocker Ski Rack – Imperfectly Perfect Mountains

Size Guide
These racks are sold 'as-is'. There are no exchanges, returns, or refunds. Product images are representational only and do not reflect any of the 'imperfections' which might take place on the wood back. Trust us though, these racks will still work great and look amazing doing it.

In order to sell the world's best wall mounted ski and snowboard racks, we must have the highest standards for quality. During our intensive QC process, the wood backs of these Rocker Ski Rack - Imperfectly Perfect Mountains were deemed not up to our standards.

These wood backs have slight cosmetic defects - a small crack in the wood, a dent in the surface, or perhaps a scuff in the finish. Often times we set them aside due to their imperfections only to pick them up again and wonder why they were set aside to begin with... But regardless they stay in the 'imperfect' pile. 

The individual mounts might also have a small scuff in the powder coating, or some other insanely small blemish (we are way too detail oriented for our own good), but they will function exactly as their retail counter-parts do. 

These racks are still of the highest quality - whatever 'defect' the wood has will not affect the rack's performance - you have our assurances on that - they just aren't quite as pretty as their 'retail' counterparts, but need to find a loving home.

The only difference between this 'Imperfectly Perfect' rack and it's 'Perfect' counter-part is appearance. The racks will function identically, and have all of the same mounting hardware/etc. Trust us, these are a deal.

Rocker Ski Rack is the original wall mounted rack that stores your skis in a neutral position. Traditional wall mounted ski racks alter the natural shape of your equipment in order to store it, and in many cases, simply don't work with reverse cambered skis. 

This rack stores skis and snowboards of all shapes, cambers, sizes, and sidecuts, including traditional alpine, cross-country, rockered, early-rise, AT/Randonee, telemark, and more. Protect your investment with a Rocker Ski Rack.

Each Rocker Ski Rack - Imperfectly Perfect Mountains is shipped with mounting hardware and instructions. 

These racks are mounted with XL racks by default. If you want them mounted with Standard mounts - no problem, just leave us a note in the Order notes on checkout, or shoot us an email with your order number and we will make it happen!


  • Four pre-mounted XL Rocker Ski Racks
  • 'Imperfect' Hardwood back with pre-drilled mounts @ 24" & 32" for easy mounting
  • Hand stamped Rocker Ski Rack logo
  • Mountain range silhouette along top edge of hardwood back
  • Wall mounted rack stores skis without altering their natural shape
  • Built-in accessory equipment hangers on each rack
  • All steel construction with a durable, powder-coated finish
  • Rubberized arms retain skis and/or snowboards
  • Designed & handmade in Ashland, Oregon, USA


  • Size: 35" x 6" x 9" (Length x Height x Depth)
  • Weight: Approximately 10 lbs


  • Rocker Ski Rack™ - Imperfectly Perfect Mountains
  • Mounting Hardware (8x wood screws)
  • Mounting Template
  • Mounting Instructions