Mounting Instructions

Rocker Ski Racks are intended to be mounted indoors to wood wall studs. Outdoor mounting or mounting directly to drywall or other non-structural materials is not recommended. Install and use Rocker Ski Racks at your own risk!

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  1. If you're mounting multiple Individual racks in a row, we recommend placing the racks 8”-12” apart. For reference, our 3 Pack and 4 Pack racks are mounted around 9-1/4” from center to center, and so far we have heard only good things about this distance. It ultimately depends on the equipment being stored in the racks – snowboards and skis with taller bindings tend to require more wall space then those with a lower profile.
    • You can decrease the amount of horizontal space required between Individual racks by vertically staggering them. These two examples spec a 6" vertical offset, with around 7-3/4" horizontal space between racks for skis, and about 10" horizontal space between racks for snowboards:
    • Bumper ExampleSome folks choose to mount a second board several feet below the racks to prevent ski/snowboard tails from damaging their wall. Get in touch with us if you're interested in a "bumper" board that matches one or more of your mounted racks; we'd be happy to create a custom order for you.
    Size Guide

    Rocker Ski Racks come in two sizes, Standard and XL. Standard racks feature 100mm long arms, while Extra Large rack arms are 152mm long. As a rule of thumb, Standard racks work well for the majority of skis, from your narrow skate skis on up through most mountain decks. Meanwhile, Extra Large racks are for you if your quiver includes snowboards or McConkey-worthy pow slayers. 

    Rack arms work best if they extend at least halfway across the width of your ski or board at a point 6-12" below the tip. So if you're storing a snowboard with a nose width of 300mm, the 152mm long arms of the XL rack will suit you well, while the 100mm long arms of the Regular rack will be too short. 

    Of course, these racks work just fine if they extend more than halfway across—or beyond—the width of your skis or board. If you're looking for the ultimate in flexibility, or just aren't sure what will work best for you, we recommend choosing XL.