Mounting Instructions

Rocker Ski Racks are intended to be mounted indoors to wood wall studs. Outdoor mounting or mounting directly to drywall or other non-structural materials is not recommended. Install and use Rocker Ski Racks at your own risk!

Individual rack mounting instructions >

Triple mounting instructions >

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  1. If you're mounting multiple Individual racks in a row, we recommend placing the racks 8”-12” apart. For reference, our Triple and Quad racks are mounted around 9-1/4” from center to center, and so far we have heard only good things about this distance. It ultimately depends on the equipment being stored in the racks – snowboards and skis with taller bindings tend to require more wall space then those with a lower profile.
    • You can decrease the amount of horizontal space required between Individual racks by vertically staggering them. These two examples spec a 6" vertical offset, with around 7-3/4" horizontal space between racks for skis, and about 10" horizontal space between racks for snowboards:
    • Bumper ExampleSome folks choose to mount a second board several feet below the racks to prevent ski/snowboard tails from damaging their wall. Get in touch with us if you're interested in a "bumper" board that matches one or more of your mounted racks; we'd be happy to create a custom order for you.