Our Commitment to Quality

Here at Rocker Ski Rack, we really care about the world we all share and do our best to produce high quality products while minimizing our environmental footprint. Here are a few of the things we do:


  • First and foremost, we build beautiful, simple, and durable products that are designed to withstand the test of time. If your kids and grandkids aren't reusing these racks once you've passed on the baton, we've done something wrong.
  • We do our best to minimize waste during production, but we're not perfect. Wood scraps are turned into a variety of fun side projects – fly boxes, kids toys, art, and kindling. Wood shavings are used in our gardens.
  • The coating on our wood backed racks contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The finish is still of the highest quality, just without the gnarly toxic fumes. Our bodies and lungs thank us, and you will too when you see how sweet the racks look!
  • We use recyclable packaging whenever possible. Cardboard, newsprint, and recycled paper are used in every package we send out. Please continue this process and reuse or recycle these things once you are done with them!
  • We reuse boxes and packaging materials that we receive from our vendors. What we can't use, we recycle.
  • We recycle literally everything we can. From metal remnants in our shop, to the paper and plastic in our office, we make sure that what can be recycled is.