Rocker Ski Racks are compatible with all skis and boards, regardless of their profile or length. Splitboard? No problem. Your kid's über-cambered XC skis? Child's play. Your old Spatulas? Like butter on toast.

Plus, an integrated accessory bar provides a convenient place to hang your poles, gloves, and goggles. 

“I have been looking for a nice rack for my ski home for a long time, and this is the first one I’ve found that I am proud to have on my wall.  It handles rockered skis and very wide powder skis with no problem. Great design, high quality finish.  Perfect.”  -Ralph G.

Size Guide

Rocker Ski Racks come in two sizes, Standard and XL. Standard racks feature 100mm long arms, while Extra Large rack arms are 152mm long. As a rule of thumb, Standard racks work well for the majority of skis, from your narrow skate skis on up through most mountain decks. Meanwhile, Extra Large racks are for you if your quiver includes snowboards or McConkey-worthy pow slayers. 

Rack arms work best if they extend at least halfway across the width of your ski or board at a point 6-12" below the tip. So if you're storing a snowboard with a nose width of 300mm, the 152mm long arms of the XL rack will suit you well, while the 100mm long arms of the Regular rack will be too short. 

Of course, these racks work just fine if they extend more than halfway across—or beyond—the width of your skis or board. If you're looking for the ultimate in flexibility, or just aren't sure what will work best for you, we recommend choosing XL.